RSA SHA-1 signature validation works

A very specific route through Crypto++ allows for the digital signature verification to work. I think I’ll need to revisit it later down the line. I definitely need to get to writing tests for more things.

It’s making me think about how to handle the public key. Since I started down the route of implementing this, my thought was to use the third partition (P2) of the Flash memory to store it. The fifth (P4) seems to always be blank. If nothing else uses it, I’d really like to suggest some kind of standard for using it. Maybe not like how P2 handles it, more like P3 by allocating storage sequentially. It’s very hard to determine how to go about this, as there will absolutely be the case of overwriting something that some other game relies on down the line if taking the first-come, first-served method.

I now have an actual roadmap for a teaser real-time demo that I was hoping to do last year. A major hangup was how to handle audio, as I have grand plans for surround sound and really trying to make the audio something to pay attention to. For now, I’m just going with a bare-bones approach of getting sounds to play and stream music from the disc. Nothing major in terms of management. The Audio64 API is very nice to work with. I can tell the team behind it put in a lot of effort. Sucks that the Dolby Surround support never got out of possibly a few developers’ hands.

Anyway, I’ll lay out the roadmap to the demo in a separate entry. It’s a bit ambitious with some things and conservative with others, with some ample time for polish. One thing I still haven’t figured out is the problem with SD Card ISO users. The disc sector reliance for the packed data I have may be holding it back from ever working.