Drive failure

About a week after my last entry, one of the drives in the workstation’s RAID started having issues. It would refuse to boot with both drives present, if one or the other were powered on it was fine. I’m still using the same fault drive at the moment, so I’m bracing for another failure soon while I wait on another drive. I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for the fact that I had been doing planes incorrectly and had to fix up a few files. I could have possibly reclaimed the data if I had known ahead of time that the RAID would be useless on the next reboot after messages appeared concerning writing journal entries. This is a RAID0 on purpose, as there’s no data of worth on there in case of a failure it should have been as simple as checking the source and data out again. The code quality wasn’t the best and I still wasn’t convinced that I was going down the right track of correcting my mistakes with the planes. At the least I’m now much less stressed about the quality and more concerned about hardware dying.

This has been quite a setback and I decided to take a break to work on some FPGA development. More of a morale drain, but it’s not really anything to complain about. I’ve also been busy helping to ship a game, which is another excuse for not getting back to this for a few weeks. I think I’ve managed to reconstruct my work from before. Now I’m just struggling to work out why the three-plane intersections are always leading to what appears to be normalised points.

I was very close to getting the union operation working correctly and had some screenshots, which are now lost. I’d like to get onto trying to make a level of sorts after these operations are in place.