Exception handling
Nov 4 2023
Tags: pixel city, exceptions, anvil
Beginning bumpmapping
May 5 2023
Tags: shambler, bumpmapping, anvil
Mesh skinning fixed
Oct 14 2022
Tags: shambler, animation, skinning, anvil
Lightmapper first pass
Sep 15 2022
Tags: shambler, anvil, lightmapper
On to the lightmapper
Aug 13 2022
Tags: shambler, anvil, lightmapper
Catching up
Aug 1 2022
Tags: tools, anvil, shambler, teaser
Creating brushes in the editor
May 26 2022
Tags: brush, csg, anvil, shambler, tool
CSG to Wavefront Object
May 14 2022
Tags: csg, maya, shambler, anvil
Basic CSG union done
May 7 2022
Tags: tools, csg, anvil, shambler
Real-time changes
Aug 25 2021
Tags: shambler, anvil, editor, maya, tools, csg, lightmapping