Test framework in place

After about two days of work, I have a test framework. It’s incredibly basic at around 600 lines of code or so. All I need is to be able to determine if unit tests are working at the moment. Things like function, integration, and other testing is going to be further down the road. It’s still only useful locally. Now I need to spend some time writing all the unit tests I should have had from the start. GD Workshop must be manually set up right now, which isn’t very convenient. Luckily, there is a great set of scripting functions that should do what I need. The output from the unit testing is not in a readily readable state. A utility to convert the .tests files into a nicely formatted web page would be ideal.

Static code analysis is another thing I set up last month. I’m using LCLint for that. There’s not really much to say, but I’d definitely like to get the output into a more readily readable state (i.e. HTML-ising the output).

I’m going to move onto the automatic build server as soon as the tests have been fleshed out more.