Single joint animations working

Almost. Normals are messed up at the moment, but it’s a definite improvement.

The first attempt resulted in just the first joint being considered as I messed up the exporter and was saving the joint index as a float instead of an unsigned int.

After that, and before I fixed the exporter, I was curious to know if the rotations are working at all so I bound the whole object to joint 2.

With the exporter fixed, the implementation sure wasn’t.

I figured out that I forgot to pre-process the model (which should be moved out to the exporter) by transforming the vertices by the inverse bind matrix of each joint. Resulting in this wonderful image.

For kicks, here’s a view with the wireframe.

Great. Now I have to fix the normals, flip the Z coordinate, allow for multi-weighted and non-weighted meshes, and consider how to blend multiple animations together. I think I’m going to fix the normals and support multiple weights for the models next. After that, I’ll be back to working on the network side of the game before I tackle more rendering.