Normals exported

Normals are now able to be exported with the mesh. I still need to add in multiple mesh support. With the default face-based normals per-vertex, the size ballooned pretty quickly and it was pretty much the same as rendering n strips per side of the cube.

Face normals per-vertex:

Face normals per-vertex

Averaged normals per-vertex:

Face normals per-vertex

One side-effect is that for the face-based normals the last edge doesn’t get its line rendered due to there not being any need to consider it as it should be covered by the next strip’s first and second vertices. This can be seen on the right side of the face with the number ‘5’ on it. I’m not sure if I’ll fix it. It’s a few lines of code to implement, but it prevents redundant line drawing.

Next up: lighting. After that, I’ll work on exporting multiple meshes.