Jumping around

Finally, after a good few hours and a lot of incredibly poorly-written code with the exporter (I really have to clean it up) I have the animation clips exported and working. The second animation, wiggle, doesn’t appear to animate yet as it’s pretty much all rotations. The next stage is to support slerp-ing rotation keyframes. After that, it should be a case of getting the vertices to move with the skeleton. I need to make a more complex smooth skinned model to show the system off. There’s no blending between animation clips at the moment. Also, the exporter isn’t only exporting one mesh, it’s doing both the input and output mesh to the skin cluster for Maya. Another thing to fix that I really should do after cleaning up the exporter’s code.

Enjoy the video. It shows the model in its bind pose, then a jump animation which is restarted a couple of times to demonstrate that the animation is being restarted and the wiggle animation that isn’t doing much of anything.