I can see you

Since starting on this whole venture, I haven’t yet tackled getting more than one player connecting to the server and, in doing so, connecting with other players. A few days ago I had two Dreamcast’s able to request the world state and thus able to see one another. It’s not pretty and it doesn’t yet show anything on the retail kit, but it’s a start.

At the moment, I can at least test with a development kit and a retail kit wihout needing to burn more CDs. The next step is to get an ODE to allow for another Dreamcast to join in. I think that having the mix of different methods to play the game may help track down inconsistencies or bugs that could be introduced when using one format over another.

I’m also unsure when a demo of the network test will be available. As it’s running on a SPARC server and I don’t really want to run it all the time right now, I’m considering a limited test for a week or two. Pretty much just to make sure that things such as latency and capacity are tested against. The hope is that the data collected proves useful for replicating the conditions locally even with only a handful of players available here.

I’d like to get at least the network demo out for the Dreamcast’s next European anniversary.